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                                           ***Important Notice***

Next week, on January the 11th, the 2019/20 season resumes. Due to the inaugural Adelaide International Tennis event being held at Memorial Drive Tennis Club, this will impact some matches as only a small number of courts are available for MLTA competition matches. Club secretaries and team captains should have been informed of the location of matches, but if you are unable to contact them please read the information below to clarify where you will be playing this week, and the following week. Please follow our facebook page and check this website regularly over the next few weeks to ensure you go to the correct venue for each week’s match.

Teams and match locations for January the 11th, 2020 are as follows:

Location: Memorial Drive Tennis Club
Men’s Div 1
–MDTC Orange versus MDTC Blue
–MDTC Red versus MDTC Green
Women’s Div 1/2
–MDTC Blue versus MDTC Yellow

Location: Tranmere Bowling and Tennis Club
Men’s Div 2
–MDTC Red versus SPOC
Women’s Div 1/2
–MDTC Green versus MDTC Red

Location: Xavier Lawn Tennis Club
Men’s Div 3/4
–Men’s Div 3/4 MDTC versus Xavier

Due to the disruption caused by the Adelaide International Tennis on the 18th of January, the following matches will be held at the listed locations below.

Location: Memorial Drive Tennis Club
Men’s Division 1
–MDTC Green versus MDTC Orange
Women’s Division 1/2
–MDTC Yellow versus MDTC Red

Location: Tranmere Bowling and Tennis Club
Men’s Division 2
–MDTC Red versus Woodville

Men’s Division 3/4
–MDTC versus SPOC

Location: Kensington Gardens Bowling and Tennis Club
Men’s Div 1
–MDTC Red versus Reade Park






Welcome to the Metropolitan Lawn Tennis Association. Through our affiliated clubs across Adelaide, we cater for all standards of player. The Association runs competitions for singles and doubles for both men and women as well as doubles only for women.

Our season runs from October – April each year. Matches are played on Saturday afternoons across the Adelaide metropolitan area.

The 2019 -20 Metro Lawn Tennis Association season will begin very shortly, on Saturday, October the 19th. Team captains and club contacts must familiarise themselves with Tennis Australia’s Match Centre website for programme details and to enter scores. Team captains unable to use Match Centre to enter scores, must forward their scores to the MLTA Recording Secretary by the Tuesday, immediately proceeding their match. Match Rules and inclement weather details are available on this website. Please refer to it if you have questions, failing that, contact your club captain. 


The 2019-2020 Season will run from October 19th, 2019 to March 14th 2020 for the Minor Rounds, with the finals occurring on the 21st and 28th of March 6th, 2020. 

Don’t forget to enter your scores on the Tennis Australia Match Centre App or website and to send those match day photos to the Metro Lawn Tennis Association’s Facebook page, Instagram account or email address.

Also, remember to be SunSmart at all times, not just during the tennis season. 


Metro Lawn Tennis utilizes the Tennis Australia Weather Policy for all its events.

Please check for weather updates and cancellations on the Metro Lawn website and Facebook.


Please refer to the recent post “MLTA Weather Cancellation Guidance Policy” on this website for advice on rules and regulations regarding changes to the heat policy. The full document is attached. 


Who’s playing where?                                                     

The re-development of the Memorial Drive Tennis Club’s courts has been completed, please ensure you DO NOT go to last season’s venues for these games.  There will be a brief period in January when Drive courts will be unavailable, makes sure you check your programmes each week before Saturday so as to not go to the wrong venue.

These are the venues for various teams:

  • Kensington Lawn Bowling and Tennis Club
    Venue for:
    Kensington Lawn Tennis Club
    SPOC Lawn Tennis Club

    • Memorial Drive Tennis Club
      Home Venue for:
      -All Memorial Drive Tennis Club teams

      • Reade Park Lawn Tennis Club
        Home venue for:
        -All Reade Park Lawn Tennis Club teams

      Sturt Lawn Tennis Club
      Venue for:
      Sturt Lawn Tennis Club

      Tranmere Bowling and Lawn Tennis Club
      Venue for:
      Tranmere Lawn Tennis Club

      Woodville Orion Tennis Club
      Venue for:
      Woodville Lawn Tennis Club

      West Beach Tennis Club
      Venue for:
      Xavier Lawn Tennis Club

      Sponsored by:

      Coopers Alehouse